Wednesday, 15 February 2012


‘Sure shot success with “SURE” ‘ 
SURE i.e.  Student’s Unique Rank Evaluation gives the student a self standing in terms of preparation and also a reality check of the student’s overall performance in lieu of the exam he is going to appear in. Besides giving a Performa of student’s preparation it also encourages student by giving a self evaluation and also act as a reminder for the student to work hard if needed. Thus, ‘SURE’ assures a pre evaluation prior to the exam.

How ‘SURE’ works?
As the name suggests ‘SURE’ is a systematic tool meant for the rank evaluation of a student in terms of preparation and competitiveness. As soon as a student registers with a username he/she is assigned a unique rank according to the course for which user has subscribed or if user want to set a rank manually he/she can do so .This rank is basically a parameter to judge your level of preparation. This rank fluctuates on two basic criteria one being the level you choose and other is the score you hit in the test. This rank thus varies according to the student’s performance in the test which he/she takes online. However, choosing a test with a level lower than the exam you are appearing for may decrease your rank and choosing a higher level will shoot up your ranking. Simultaneously, a good score will increase your rank and a bad score will affect your rank negatively. And after attaining a particular rank student is all set for the exam and according to ‘SURE’ student can crack the exam. And as the name goes, ‘SURE’ assures your success in the exam.